Morning commuters in Pittsburgh got a shock when a bus fell backwards into a large sinkhole, leaving the front of the vehicle suspended several metres in the air.

The Port Authority bus was stopped at a red light when a rectangular hole in a road opened up, swallowing the back half where the engine is located.

Fortunately, only the driver and one passenger were on board at the time.

Both were able to safely leave the vehicle but the passenger was treated for minor injuries.

A car behind the bus stopped just short of the sinkhole, and the driver got out in time reports said.

A photo showed the front wheels of the car dangling over the sinkhole’s edge.

The Port Authority of Allegheny County tweeted: “We are grateful that no one was seriously injured.

“We’re being told a crane needs to be brought in to remove the bus and it will be several hours before it can be extracted.

“Detours in the area will likely remain in place the remainder of the day.”

The Pittsburgh Public Safety Department tweeted: “A crane company has been summoned to set up two cranes to remove the bus from the sink hole.

“Traffic will be affected for 8 to 10 hours as parts of Penn Ave and Tenth Street we closed.”

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